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March 2020 in TheCR Network: Culture & Community

By Kelly Schott posted 02-24-2020 15:16


Culture is at the heart of community. Culture is also difficult to measure and convey the value of, but it's imperative that we do that in order to prove the value of our communities.

Because discussing culture opens up a swath of conversations, we've decided to focus on Culture & Community during the month of March in TheCR Network:


For the month of March, we'll be hearing from people who have focused specifically on building culture at their organizations as well as people who have made culture a large part of their community strategy. We'll open up discussions around what culture breeds engagement, organizational culture, and work culture. Culture is a large topic, and we're looking forward to exploring different areas under this umbrella.

Under the theme of culture, we'll be holding the following Roundtable Calls:

We'll also be hosting our usual user group calls and networking opportunities to allow for space for members to engage and connect around shared topics of interest:

This month, we're also opening up space for skill-building and learning:

To keep the conversation going between calls, we're also looking forward to launching discussions, poll questions, and opening up virtual space to explore the many aspects of culture together.

If you can't wait and you want to dive right in, we encourage you to RSVP to a call linked above, open up your own discussion in the Roundtable group around a question, challenge, or idea you have, and/or leave a comment below if there's a topic that you think we're missing. We're actively planning for the months ahead, so we're happy to bring you and your ideas aboard at any time!

Happy March!


If you want to refresh on what we talked about over the past few months, you can find more at the following links:

If you're not a TheCR Network member and are interested in learning more about our themed programming (or just about TheCR Network in general), please feel free to reach out!