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What is The Network?

The Network is the private, confidential membership organization for people leading the online community and change management efforts at global organizations.

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Members get exclusive access to the world's most comprehensive set of community research and resources, including hundreds of reports, case studies, tools, templates, online training courses, and more.


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Join global community experts on weekly live calls, in platform- and interest-based learning cohorts, and at live learning events.


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Only The Network is backed by over a decade of ground-breaking community research. Our expert team connects members to the people, ideas, and solutions that build award-winning communities.

“This has been a great community learning journey for me and I’m already sharing the info with peers.”

Aaliyah Miller

Senior Communications Consultant,

“The perspective I’ve gained has been invaluable in making the case for community-related budget and resources. It has also helped me build a vocabulary to communicate about communities.”

Alex Blanton

Senior Community Program Manager,


“The training course gave me really helpful information on how to get stakeholders to realize the value of engaging in the community.”

Marjorie Anderson

Manager, Digital Communities,


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