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Getting Started


  1. Introduce yourself in the Town Hall

  2. Hop into Work Out Loud to share your goals and get to know other members

  3. Mosey into Happy Hour on Slack every Thursday at 4pm EST for real-time connections

Ask and Answer:

  1. Have a question? Ask it in The Roundtable, and check out what other discussions are happening.

  2. Looking for a real time discussion? Check out our Upcoming Events, and feel free to suggest new ones.

  3. Hoping to find something specific? Browse through our topic specific Resource Bundles.


  1. Hoping to find something specific? Browse through our topic specific Resource Bundles.

  2. Our Research includes all of the latest models, frameworks, and hard data TheCR has to offer.

  3. Not sure what you're looking for? Try some of our Other Member Resources!

Key Tips

Member Perks

Free training for members! Check out the course catalog here. Use code membersonly when registering for a course to waive the fee. 

Be a featured guest on our long-running "Community Conversations" podcast! Listen to past episodes and book a time here.

Free job postings, simply use code memberperk to post a job here

Take the community score assessment and review your results with a community advisor from our team.

Stay Up to Date

We have a weekly newsletter that is sent out over email, and posted in Slack. Never miss an upcoming event or discussion again.

You can also customize the digest emails you receive from the community in your profile or in the digest emails themselves.

Posting Guide

Keep it Casual - we're all friends here in The Network. As long as you're respectful, there's no need for formal language.

Be Clear and Give Examples - If you're asking a question or answering one, more detail is always going to be more helpful.

Format as You Like -  Writing your post in Word or a Google Doc can make formatting a lot easier. Feel free to bold the main question or point you're trying to make.

Pay Attention to Groups - Certain posts will get better responses depending on which group you post it in. Unsure? Reach out to the CM to ask!

Don't Overthink It - Ultimately everyone in The Network is here to support and learn together. We want to hear from you!

Making the Most

The Network has a lot of value to offer, and it can be overwhelming. If you need a quick answer, are having troubles finding resources, or are just not sure who to connect with please reach out! Our team is here for you, and we are always overjoyed to touch base. 

If you need a resource we seem to be missing, let us know. Research, events, and discussion topics are just the surface of suggestions we'd love to hear from you. 

To learn more about any of The Community Roundtable's services you can always email us at