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  • I am incredibly excited to announce another keynote for Connect 2020: Mia Birdsong! Mia Birdsong is a pathfinder, community curator, and storyteller who steadily engages the leadership and wisdom of people experiencing injustice to chart new visions of American life. She has a gift for making visible and leveraging the brilliance of everyday people so [] The post Connect 2020 Keynote: Mia Birdsong on Accountability and Connectedness appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • One of our most frequently asked questions is, whats the best community technology for me?! We always answer honestly, There is no best, just the right one for you. To that end we launched our first Community Solutions Showcast last Fall, connecting online community technology platforms and solutions providers with our engaged audience of community [] The post New for Connect 2020: The Technology Track appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Note: Weve reimagined our annual community conference, TheCR Connect, to be a month-long community celebration. To learn more about Connect 2020, and our nine community-focused learning tracks visit the Connect 2020 page. While the world readjusts to the impact of COVID-19 many organizations are finally recognizing the immense power of online communities. Many of us [] The post Connect 2020 Lessons from The WELL appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Do you work in or with an organization? Are you overwhelmed? Do I even need to ask? Organizational communications in 2020 is in crisis. Communications channels and content have exploded. Information outside organizations changes with every 60-minute news cycle, while organizational processes and tools seem decades out of date and supported with a fraction of [] The post The Crisis of Organizational Communications appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Finding Community

    As an educator for more than a decade, I’ve spent most of my professional life trying to understand what makes students work best, together. So, it seemed like a good fit when The Community Roundtable brought me on to help create The State of Community Management report. What I didn’t realize is how this report [] The post Finding Community appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • For the last five years, weve run increasingly dynamic and engaging Connect conferences. Over the course of the years, there was one piece of feedback that we heard over and over but had a hard time implementing: We want tracks! Believe me, we got it. Its a bummer to settle into a session only [] The post Introducing our Connect 2020 Track Chairs appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Join the community experts at The Community Roundtable as they chat about online community management best practices with a wide range of global community professionals. Topics include increasing online audience engagement, finding and leveraging executive stakeholders, defining and calculating online community ROI, and more. Episode #72 featuresElizabeth Kohler, Social Learning Collaboration Architect at Cleveland [] The post Conversations with Community Managers – Elizabeth Kohler on Engaging Online Learners appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Why is Culture Change Such a Strategic Priority? Culture change is a hot topic in organizational development and leadership circles and for good reason; there is finally a growing understanding of its impact on the performance of organizations. The economics of culture change is driven by culturally normed behaviors. Culture acts as a powerful controlling [] The post The Economics of Culture Change appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • The COVID-19 crisis has impacted almost everything, including community programs. When we set out to collect data on the impact of COVID-19 on community programs we were not sure what we would find. While there was an obvious role for online communities to play in a situation where digital engagement became the default, we also [] The post The Impact of COVID-19 on Online Community Programs appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Inclusion is a critical focus for most organizations and has been particularly prominent over the past few months. Online communities are uniquely suited to promote wide-scale inclusion because of their collaborative rather than directive structure—they reward members for their unique contributions instead of forcing compliance to a standard. Communities are also generative, producing more value [] The post Institutionalizing Inclusion appeared first on The Community Roundtable .