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  • When we talk about the eight competencies of the Community Maturity Model people tend to get really excited about the work they do for culture, or content and programming. There are even those among us (Jillian, Im looking at you!) that get super fired up about metrics and measurement. Policies and governance tends to get overlooked, [] The post Community Case Study: Ensuring Consistent Brand Voice through Community Governance appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • There are so many reasons that community pros should attend Connect, that its easy to forget there are very valid reasons why it might not be a great fit for you. Since registration closes tomorrow for our 2017 event I wanted to share three reasons that Connect might not make sense for you. You need [] The post Three Reasons You Should Not Attend TheCR Connect appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Our State of Community Management research makes it clear: thoughtful content and programs increase engagement and drive the long-term success of communities. Content and programs are often seen as one collective entity, but they serve two different roles for communities: content connects people into the community, while programs create opportunities for members to connect with [] The post Five Can’t Miss Community Programming Ideas appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Our annual community management workshop TheCR Connect  is coming up soon. TheCR team is busy planning another amazing event and time is running out for you to join us. We know you have lots of ways to spend your budget and that your time is at a premium. If youre still [] The post Three Reasons You Should Attend TheCR Connect appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • A couple days ago I paused to reflect on all of the people and resources that have helped me (and The Community Roundtable, our members, and partners) since we launched in 2009. Its not a short list. I put the question to TheCR team and we started to collaborate on a list of resources going [] The post 30+ Years of Community Resources appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • True story when my brother was 14 he came into my room and said, Shannon! Have you ever heard of the band Led Zepplin?! It was 1999. With a completely straight face, I replied, No! Are they any good? He then went on to sing their praises (and rightly so, Fool in the Rain [] The post A (Not So Brief) History of Community Management Resources appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • I am thrilled to announce that we are hiring a new community management fellow for TheCR Network. What?! youre saying, But you just hired, not one, but two back in January! Well, dear reader, youre right, and spoiler alert: they were so awesome they have both moving onto full-time roles on TheCR team (yay!) While [] The post Are you our next community management fellow? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • One of the questions we ask each year in the State of Community Management survey is whether communities have their own budget. It may not seem like a big deal – and to some community leaders, dealing with the budget process might sound unappealing. However, we consistently see correlations between having a dedicated budget and those who [] The post Do online communities need dedicated budgets? YES! appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Need a sign that communities are in the spotlight? Look at where communities fit into organizations. In the State of Community Management 2017, we asked more than 300 community professionals where their communities fit in the structures of their organization. Communities today can be housed in almost any department in an organization, but consistently, they are being [] The post Online communities have executive attention – and expectations. appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • October might seem far away but we’re diligently planning every last detail for our annual community workshop – TheCR Connect. Our content team just released the agenda and I wanted to share it with you ASAP! The overarching theme of this year’s Connect is “Telling Your Community Story” and in practice, this touches on almost every facet of [] The post What’s the Agenda for TheCR Connect 2017? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .