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  • Research has always set The Community Roundtable apart. Weve always believed that to get the attention and support of stakeholders for the strategic role of community management, we needed to invest in research. Our research is also a key shared value with our members, clients, and our broader community. Collaborating together, we have taken a [] The post The Community Roundtables 2018 Research Agenda appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • I know you are busy. 2018 is shaping up to be another crazy year, and the idea of committing to a course (even an online one) is daunting. With so much on your to-do list, its easy to push your professional development off until later. Im here to tell you: that is a mistake. Ive [] The post Three Reasons You Cant Miss Our Strategic Community Workshop appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Welcome to the latest episode in our community management podcast series, “Conversations with Community Managers.” Join TheCR’s Jim Storer and Shannon Abram as they chat with community managers from a variety of industries about their community journey. They ask the community questions you want to know the answers to, including: What’s your best advice for someone just starting out in [] The post Conversations with Community Managers Susan Cato, ASPB appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • The State of Community Management is our annual research platform that tracksthe performance of communities and community management across the eight competencies of the Community Maturity Model. The SOCM first launched in 2010 and we have published an updated report based on new research. Each year is focused around a key theme that emerges from the research [] The post What is the State of Community Management? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Do you love digging into data to discover the story it tells? Are you comfortable questioning assumptions? Do you enjoy debating what something means? Are you fascinated by human behavior and how it impacts decisions and organizations? Does working in an emerging industry excite you? If so, you may be a great fit for the [] The post Join TheCR Team: Community Research Analyst Wanted appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • If I had a nickel for everytime someone said, Really, I didnt know you could find THAT in TheCR Network! Id have a really big pile of nickels. So, in an attempt to peek behind the proverbial curtain I wanted to share a look at one of the most used parts of the Network [] The post Community Engagement Resource Bundle appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Its the most wonderful time of year.  The candles, and the lights and the festive drinks and tasty food. And celebrating your traditions with loved ones. That is all very wonderful. Also pretty wonderful? Getting to look back at the amazing year we had inside TheCR Network. Our members are incredibly engaged (no outdated 90-9-1 [] The post TheCR Network Year In Review 2017 Infographic appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • 2017 was a year of change in the community space. Community programs received more strategic attention, there were platform and vendor disruptions, new expectations evolved for community professionals, better analytics emerged, and new strategic opportunities opened up. As expected, it has been quite a ride. This journey is far from over and it became clear [] The post 2017 Wrap-up: Communities in Transition appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Imagine me sharing this news while standing on my desk, jumping up and down: TheCR Connect 2018 will take place on September 30 October 2, 2018. Hooray! And even better news? You can lock in 2017 pricing (and use up any 2017 budget you might have leftover!) Heres what attendees said about TheCR Connect [] The post Save the Date! TheCR Connect 2018 is Next October! appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Put 100 community program leaders in a room and ask them what their stakeholders most want from them – and “proof of community value” will be at the top of the list. It’s a rare organization that just “gets” that community is strategically important without numbers to back it up. Communities need to define and [] The post Announcing Our Strategic Community Workshop: Community Strategy, ROI, and Business Case appeared first on The Community Roundtable .

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