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  • Lesson 1 for the day: Do not put a plastic cutting board in the oven. Lesson 2: Do not grab with bare hands to take it out. My recent life lessons brought me to the ER waiting room to watch triage nurses in their element. As each patient arrived, they took their vitals, assessed their symptoms [] The post Community Triage: 5 Common Community Management Problems appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Here’s an interesting piece of data from the SOCM 2017: for the first time, communities say they are spending more on people than on technology. That’s right by a narrow margin, organizations with dedicated community budgets said they spent slightly more on community management salaries and resources than they did on their platforms. The [] The post Do communities spend more on people or platforms? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Executive engagement has long been considered a critical element of community growth. But getting executives to be truly involved in communities has been a tremendous challenge for community managers. So what’s keeping executives from jumping in, even when they think community is a critical opportunity? We asked the respondents to this year’s State of Community [] The post Why dont executives take part in community? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Its easy for me to tell you how special TheCR Connect is, but you already know Im biased, right? So, dont take it from me, or Rachel or Hillary. Take it from past attendees from the event. Im excited to share five perspectives on TheCR Connect from past attendees! Check out the video below and hear [] The post Why Attend TheCR Connect? Attendees Share Their Stories. appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Eight years ago, when Jim Storer and Rachel Happe founded The Community Roundtable, it was the beginning of understanding that the “art” of community management had a lot of science in it repeatable best practices that can separate the best communities from the rest. Each year since then, we have built The State of [] The post Quantify value, not vanity: The SOCM 2017 is out! appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • One of the benefits of membership in TheCR Network is access to experts from every stage of the community journey. We’ve invited Chip Rodgers, former community executive at SAP, Ciena, and MicroStrategy, to have a discussion with Rachel Happe, co-founder of TheCR, and Network members about Chips experiences and perspectives on community and where they fit [] The post Community Perspective: Chip Rodgers appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Recently, Jason Falls, the Co-Founder of the Conversation Research Institute (CRI) joined members of TheCR Network for an exploration of conversation research. With years of experience in social technology, both on the agency side and brand side Jason developed the concept of conversation research. Even though people may think that this is a new concept, Jason believes [] The post What is Conversation Research? An Infographic Explainer appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • When I started IDC’s social software research practice in 2007, the entire market was about $50 million and Jive was one of 10 or more vendors. Needless to say, the market has come a long way in the last ten years, along with lots of twists and turns. Throughout it all, Jive has taken a [] The post Jive Acquisition: The End of the Beginning appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Every week we share a list of new community management and social media jobs – usually everything from community coordinators all the way up to director level positions (depends on what we can find each week). I also wanted to share some of my favorite community reads from this week: If you submitting for a [] The post Community Jobs Round-Up 4/28/17 appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Seeing the work of hundreds of innovative and creative community professionals is one of the biggest perks of my job here at TheCR. Not a day goes by when I dont say, Wow thats awesome! in response to something a member tells me. Last year we launched a recognition program to acknowledge and reward [] The post Do you have an award-worthy community program? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .