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  • Wondering how much is the right amount of community content? You might be asking the wrong question. I was at a client meeting recently, where a lot of the conversation revolved around content, and one executive’s general conclusion was this: “More content is better, and more content with targeting is better still.” I left with [] The post Community is not a content funnel: dont force-feed your members. appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Note: This post was originally published here.  Working out loud (WOL) is essentially any behavior where you share your work transparently with a network of people. That network can be as small as a work team and as large as the Intranet. From my perspective, it is the act of sharing done with the intent of [] The post Working Out Loud and Community Management appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Last week, we asked members of our linkedin group to share their best advice for online community moderation. The responses we got were so good I wanted to share them back here. Not a member of our linkedin group? Join us!  Be polite Be polite and make sure that every question gets a response. If you [] The post Best Advice for Online Community Moderation appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Welcome to the latest episode in our community management podcast series, “Conversations with Community Managers.” Join TheCR’s Jim Storer and Shannon Abram as they chat with community managers from a variety of industries about their community journey. They ask the community questions you want to know the answers to, including: What’s your best advice for someone just starting out in [] The post Conversations with Community Managers Matt Schneider, City Dads Group appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • We all know that a community manager’s to-do list can be daunting, if not paralyzing, at times. But what about a community moderator? Community moderation can be just as demanding. For several years, I was the one and only official member of the community “team” for a large company. Among my many responsibilities was community [] The post Dos and Donts for Happy and Healthy Community Moderation appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • For years, community thought leaders in TheCR Network have highlighted the importance of community guidelines and policies that promote healthy community behaviors. Make your community guidelines and policies a trellis, rather than a box, and create a frame for your community to flourish. That is still true in 2017. Our best-in-class communities are more likely [] The post How can you use community guidelines to support your work? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • Note from Hillary: Im thrilled to share this guest blog post from one of our current community management fellows who is wrapping up her training time as a TheCR Fellow and looking for a new community management role.  On my first day as a TheCR Fellow, the team asked me to take a quiz to [] The post Graduation, or Three Things I Learned as a TheCR Fellow appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • For anyone who manages or moderates an online community, you know that sustaining a positive tone can sometimes be a challenge. Members view it as a safe place to provide feedback, vent their frustrations, and have their voice be heard. It’s not always pretty. In a past life, I managed a large external support community. [] The post Three ways to maintain a positive tone in your online community appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • The rise of communities as a powerful tool for behavior change has brought with it no shortage of new platforms and technology.  There are large enterprise level platform providers, smaller niche offerings, community offshoots of major social and CRM platforms, and hybrid community-collaboration platforms for community professionals to choose from. (Check out how our own [] The post Online community platforms: Feel the meh. appeared first on The Community Roundtable .
  • I am lucky to work with some of the best community managers in the business and over the years, weve learned a lot together about how to encourage and inspire engagement. Interestingly, to get valuable engagement you need a focus on both the high-level community strategy and how that is translated into policies, governance, and [] The post How do I write to increase community engagement? appeared first on The Community Roundtable .