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TheCR Network Programming to Support COVID Response Efforts

By Rachel Happe posted 03-17-2020 09:44

Community professionals are in a unique place to help their organizations respond to the COVID-19 crisis.  Online communities can help organizations communicate, mobilize, and respond to this and other crises and make the process transparent, which increases trust and alignment.  Online communities also help organizations keep organizations functioning and working when everyone is remote by providing space for employees to access what and who they need as well as help them feel connected.

We know our members are getting called on to support these efforts in new and intense ways. To respond to this need, The Community Roundtable is ramping up crisis programming, both for members and our wider community.

First, for our wider community - I am hosting daily group coaching sessions to respond to questions from those who need immediate support.  You can RSVP to these sessions here.  I will be bringing in other community management professionals as well and will continue doing these as long as there is a demand for the. If you are a member of TheCR Network, this is a great opportunity to share with your other stakeholders and executives that are working to adapt your organization to virtual work.

1. Digital Engagement and Community Management Coaching with Rachel Happe

2. TheCR Library's Engagement Resource Bundle


For those looking for ideas about how to engage people online in different ways, we are offering free access to the Engagement Resource Bundle to share with your extended enterprise and help others engage digitally. (Use the code "GODIGITAL")

If your organization needs additional help or training, we also license our Internal Community Management Fundamentals training that includes six short video sessions with associated worksheets that can help all managers move work online. Anyone interested in licensing can contact Jim Storer.

3. Webinars for the Public

We are hosting webinars with other community experts and leaders that can help educate and address questions for those who find themselves transitioning an event online, suddenly managing remote teams, or adapting lessons to a digital channel. 

Archive: Using Digital Channels in a Crisis: Community Best Practices for Connecting and Collaborating with Alex Blanton and Erica Kuhl

Upcoming on March 26th: Managing Remote Teams: Ideas and Advice for Thriving Online

4. TheCR Network Member COVID-19 War Room with Rachel Happe

Things are changing rapidly for our members and their organizations. I will be hosting a daily war room debrief for members. Check here for login info.

These will run from 3/17 - 3/20 at 4:30pm ET and longer as needed.


Come brainstorm, update, and decompress from what you've dealt with during the day.

5. TheCR Network Member Daily Check-In

If you just want to take a little break during the day, we're going to be hosting a quick check-in at 12pm ET every day this week (and possibly longer) to just touch base and open up a space for anyone to discuss what's on their minds. Whether it's personal or a professional task, or if you just need a second to catch your breath, we encourage you to join in over in TheCR Network Slack instance and take a minute for yourself.

6. TheCR Network Member Virtual Lunch

​​On Friday, March 20, we'll be hosting a virtual lunch for TheCR Network members during our usual member check-in. Time is TBA, but we'll gather on a Zoom call to check-in, have some food (maybe it's breakfast or dinner in your time zone) and have a social break.

If you're interested in joining in, let us know below and we'll make sure you're informed on the time/log-in details when they're announced.

While we're hosting these opportunities to connect, we know that you and others are too.

If you're attending any COVID-19-related or relevant events or know of any great socializing opportunities that are open to others, please respond below to let us know and we can create a list so we can all participate.